Our Approach

As engineers, in the traditional sense, our approach is quality driven. Our goal is to design and build quality IT systems at an acceptable cost. So how do we propose to do this?

We opt to use proven Open Source solutions whenever possible. Open Source components keep the cost of IT projects down, allowing our customers to concentrate their budgets on quality.

We analyse IT problems and design IT solutions to tease out the risks, allowing us to mitigate those risks as early as possible. This provides us with more visibility and thus enables us to predict a project's costs and timeline more accurately.

We use the right tool for the job. We don't expect our architects to design websites, and we don't expect our web designers to architect complex enterprise systems. We only use people who have proven skills in their respective fields.

We have a vast amount of experience in the IT industry, coupled with solid technical know-how that allows us to engineer, manage and build quality IT solutions to give you peace of mind.