At Open IT Services, our goal is to deliver quality IT services and solutions at a reasonable cost. We achieve this by opting for proven and robust Open Source solutions whenever possible.

Open Source refers to software applications available to the general public that do not have licensing restrictions that limit use, modification, or redistribution. In short, Open Source software is available free of charge.

Did you know that the most popular web server in the market is an Open Source product called Apache? Netcraft's 2005 survey found that the Open Source Apache web server had three times the market share of its next ranked competitor.

You might also be surprised to learn that an Information Week 2004 survey found 67% of companies use Open Source software - with another 16% expecting to use it in 2005. It's Certainly food for thought.

We at Open IT Services believe that using Open Source solutions allows you to invest more into the quality of your IT infrastructure. So if you need quality IT solutions at a reasonable cost then contact us.